Friday, June 29, 2012


Happy end of June... I am on holidays starting tomorrow for 8 days! Super stoked.  I plan to do more or less nothing!  I know that is sounds crazy, but I never get the chance to do nothing.  With two jobs and kickboxing, and a new guy in my life, there is just no time.  

I got my foodie pen pal box ... and oh was I spoiled and made a new friend! 
I have used/eaten everything already! That is how well she did!!!!! LOVE IT ALL!

This is my beautiful box opened, and everything is wrapped! I felt like it was my birthday or Christmas.

 I use this everyday on my starbucks coffees... Its the perfect size.
 Yummy fruit leather, I may have ate it first and right away. LOL
 Can you believe I have never had these... I am actually going to buy some for after kickboxing class.  I love how crunchy and full of protein they are.
 I made a big picture of iced tea with this one... TASTY and going to make another one.
 MUST buy again!
 I am going to the states on my vacation and 100% buying this again and in other flavors.  I eat packaged oatmeal everyday.

THANK YOU so MUCH Celyra!!!! I loved my treats!   Check out her blog.

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  1. Happy to see that you liked my box!!! :D