Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh my what is the big ball of flame in the sky

Finally we have a little sun over here, in Victoria BC.  So on Sunday i went to Dim Sum with a couple of good friends, and a gentlemen that I am just getting to know.  It was nice out, but i knew it wouldn't be very good on my points for the day. The breakfast/lunch went very well... and everybody got along.  This gentleman and I  walked around downtown and widow shopped. We are just in the getting to know each other stage... so far so good.

After the walk I went for a 10km hike around beaver/elk lake with my best friend.  We did our couch to 5 km jog walk, Man oh Man that 5 min jog at one time is hard.

Yesterday was my flex day, so we went for another walk, first time I have walked here, it was so beautiful.  I also weighed in yesterday and I was down 1.8lbs.

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