Friday, June 10, 2011


Hope everyone has an exciting weekend planned, TOM came for an unfriendly visit... So who knows why I decided to do this today but I did... I measured...   here are the result:

May 1, 2011        June 10
15.5 Neck               15
Right top arm           17
Left top arm             17
Right bottom arm     11
Left bottom arm       10.5

47.5 Breast             45
40 Below Breasts    40

18 Left bottom leg   17
18 Right bottom leg 17
38 Left top leg        28  with pants on
36 Right top leg       26 with pants on

45 Waist                43
55 Bottom Tummy 53 with pants on
52 Top Tummy      50

So I am not to sure what happened when I measure the top of both my legs, but something tells me that I have not lost 10 inches on each... I know kickboxing is good, but I doubt its that good!  The only thing that I can say is that I know for sure I have lost inches in my legs, all of my pants are super baggy.

i am extremely happy with the inches lost in my stomach area... this is the area that I really want to loose.  

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