Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comparison Picture day!

Well I woke up this morning and my first thought was.... hey! i rock! I am approx 100lbs away from my goal! That means 50lbs+ are long gone! that is 1/3 of the long road traveled.

The first picture is from dec 2007, the second picture is March 2008 and the third is valentines day 2010. I CAN FINALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride.....

So last night I weighed in at WW. WOW the anxiety that goes along with that statement. I find it funny how worried I get when i think about WI. What if I gain what will the lady say... (i have had a few ww people say odd things at wi's...) I also find it so funny that I do the samethings every Monday. I try not too eat too much (if anything), and i try not to intake very much liquid. When I first get up in the morning the panic starts, i weigh myself at home, then I go to work. Then before I leave in the evening I weigh myself again. The stupid thing is that I worry all the way their thinking, hmmm i wonder what there scale is going to say.... well duhhhhhh if my scale is down there's is going to be down! I also wear the same outfit each WI. So this week I step up to the desk and the nice lady asks me, "so have you had a good week" I reply with "yep I think so"... Well i know i have i have already weighed myself! So i step on the scale and she says its 4lbs down. YEAH!!!!!!! so exciting.... now the rush of YES!!! i did it this week!!!! wooo hoooooo..... now lets start all over... and hope that i get the same rush next Monday night.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

last night i went to my weekly telus Tuesday movie. We chose to go see dear john. I loved it except for the ending! how the heck did they get together? Now i have to go out and buy the book... sigh...

I had a good eating day, i always plan to eat popcorn at the movies and save 15 points, but I never eat more then the first inch off the top.

I went and bought a couple pieces of new clothes. A pair of angel Capri skinny jeans and a new bra. I love them both so much!!! I have been waiting for this bra for a while... The best part is I get 50% off the clothing because I work there.

Hope everybody has a wonderful hump day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!!! Happy Weight Loss....

Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! I went home to my parents house on Thursday Morning and came home first thing Sunday morning.

I had a wonderful trip. When I got off the ferry I was so excited to see all the Olympic stuff, everything was Red and White and Go Canada Go! I love it! I wish Victoria had all this stuff.... on a side note... I cant wait for the olympics!!! So exciting its happening in my back yard!

So back to my weekend... SO MANY POSITIVES!!! as you all know if you have read my blog before, I have a really hard time staying on track when I go home! NOT THIS TIME!!! everytime we went out to eat I would ask for a take out back and box half of my meal up! I have never done this before... it worked for me!

I would take home the other half and give it to my dad! One night we went to McDonalds for dinner as it was alread after 9pm, I never eat mcDonalds, I was good girl and I had a ceasar sald with grilled chicken, and the balsamic light dressing.

Two negatives on the trip... Saturday night TOM made his monthly appearance... of course right before wi on Monday... and I didnt excercise enough!

But overall I am happy with the weekend!

I weighed in on monday, up a 1lb. I know it is because of TOM and I am not worries about it at all.

After WI last night i went for the most intense walk of my life! My friend "D" and i went for a walk up Bear Mtn. its 2km uphill and I mean uphill! It is really steep. I go to the gym around 6 times a week now, and i thought... this wont be so bad... WELL my leggs were fine, it was the heavy breathing and my chest! My friend and I are going to start doing this on a regular base. I will take a picture next time. It took us 1 hour round trip, 4km.

How was your week?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WI quick post

Wi yesturday at WW. YEAH i was down 5.4! what the heck.... lol

Ill post more later!