Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride.....

So last night I weighed in at WW. WOW the anxiety that goes along with that statement. I find it funny how worried I get when i think about WI. What if I gain what will the lady say... (i have had a few ww people say odd things at wi's...) I also find it so funny that I do the samethings every Monday. I try not too eat too much (if anything), and i try not to intake very much liquid. When I first get up in the morning the panic starts, i weigh myself at home, then I go to work. Then before I leave in the evening I weigh myself again. The stupid thing is that I worry all the way their thinking, hmmm i wonder what there scale is going to say.... well duhhhhhh if my scale is down there's is going to be down! I also wear the same outfit each WI. So this week I step up to the desk and the nice lady asks me, "so have you had a good week" I reply with "yep I think so"... Well i know i have i have already weighed myself! So i step on the scale and she says its 4lbs down. YEAH!!!!!!! so exciting.... now the rush of YES!!! i did it this week!!!! wooo hoooooo..... now lets start all over... and hope that i get the same rush next Monday night.

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