Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm Back!!!!! Wow has it ever been a long time!! A lot has happened since i have been gone. Between boys, sickness, family, food, and everything else.

So where do i start...

at the beginning of august my ex boyfriend from 3 years ago moved to Victoria. Things in the past didn't work out for us because I truly believe that age played a factor. He was 21 and I was 28. It was a big difference. Since we broke up we have stayed in contact texting and talking on the phone every once and a while... then randomly he moves to Victoria.

Wow has he changed... he has grown up a lot. I know that I am a totally different person, but wow the changes in him are amazing. We went out for lunches and dinner a couple of times when he first got here, now we are are never apart... It is a amazing...

There are still things that i have to work through... I really do not have a lot of self confidence and that annoys him, but then there are things he does that annoys me... he isn't a touchy person where as i am and i would love to always be touched in some way. (i actually didn't know i was a touchy person until we started dating this second time)

He is an assistant manager at a retail clothing store where all the girls are smokin' hot! There are two girls in-particular that annoy me. They text him inappropriate messages or rub against him at work... which i think is completely inappropriate. He even talks about one of the girls a lot... so one day you may get a blog post about how i punched a girl at his store! (enough about this one....)

At the beginning of July my brother who turns 19 in November moved in with me... what an experience that has been... I forgot what living by myself was like...oh those days seem so far away!

Talking about family, my parents are in the process of adopting 2 more kids. They moved into my parents house in August, 12 year old girl and 11 year old boy.... these kids are amazing but need a lot of help and support.

Here is the kicker of the past couple of months, I had mono. I was so sick that I ended up going to the ER so that they could open up my lungs and throat so i could breath.... and they had to give me a shot for the pain...wow was i ever out of commission... the last couple of days are the first days that I have started to feel better...i still get tired really fast but other than that I am feeling better.... THANK GOD!

Now the icky bad part... diet? what diet.... enough said.... :(

What do you think a busy past couple of months.....?

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