Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Journey Begins

So today is the start of being back on track!  How exciting is that! So i weighed in this morning... OH MY GOD!!!!! i have gained 10lbs!!!! stupid mono and eat ice cream and all soft foods! So I am starting my new journey at 245.8.

I have decided to reset all of my counters and start fresh! I lost a lot before... i know i can do it again!

So today's food:
mini wheat's 3
coffee 3
frozen dinner 4
potatoes 3
roast beef 6
asparagus 0
butter 1
nibs 3
strawberries 0
pineapple 1
Asian pear 0
banana 2

Water Servings: 8
Grain Servings: 2
Meat Servings: 2
Fruit/Veggie Servings:6
Milk Servings: 2

Plus going for a walk tonight!

Wish me luck everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Mono is the worst! I'm glad that you're finally feeling better! Best of luck on your new journey : )