Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 D's ...

So yesterday went really well until I got home from job number #2!
begal 5
peas 1
Frozen dinner 5
Nectarine 1
Strawberries 0
Mac n cheese (fd) 4
banana 2
fibre 1 bar 2
100 Cal Cookies 4
Points 24!
I get 29 points... so I have a little room to play!

So I get home after my full work day at 10pm and made perogies... (fried) Well there goes a good day...

So I sat down watched TV and I started thinking about why oh why do I do this! I have decided it is because I am exhausted! So I found a great website on Overeating when Tired... and here are the 5 D's from that site.

Okay today is a new start!

Delay your response so you can figure out what exactly is tempting you to binge.

Determine what’s going on. Ask yourself, “Why is my desire to eat so high right now? Am I physically hungry? If not, “what do I really want or need?”

Distract yourself for 10 minutes (WAIT).

Distance yourself, physically, from the temptation.

Decide how you will handle it.

So today im off to a good start again!

3 mini muffins 3
fd 4
frozen dinner 7
banana 2
Nectarine 1
Strawberries 0
Pear 1
Left 11 points! Im going to be a good girl and eat wisely tonight!

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