Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IM a DORK!!!!! please tell me you dont hate me...

okay so on my last post I said that i was going back on track... yeah well as we can all see that has not happened! Good news is even though I ate like SHIT... I was still walking... I pretty much maintained my weight!

Does anybody else find summer hard! I am finding it extremely hard...any tips?

So my blackberry kicked the bucket and I still had 9 months of my contract left... I called telus... had a minor fit.. :) and I am now a new owner of a shinny black iPhone. I'm in love! i can not even tell you how much i am enjoy this phone. best part is it has a camera! My blackberry world 8830 didn't :(

I am hooked on finding amazing apps for it! If you know of any let me know!

So here is my commitment! I am going to track 100% from this point one! I am going to exercise and eat well! Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Good luck! I am finding it hard too because the heat makes me want to sit at home and veg instead of working out. Plus, there are more parties and get togethers right now too.