Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tom and Jacob and Edward!

Do you ever feel like you cant get ahead? Well on Monday I WI and was happy! 236.5... so for all the bad I did I maintained... Tuesday TOM came! WTF! lol and did it ever come and so did the cravings!

So its an up hill battle... lol at least for a few days. To top it off for some reason on Tuesday morning I woke up with a swollen right eye!

Last night we went to see Eclipse at 12:01 am... I loved it! it was great... EXCEPT for the girl moaning behind me the whole movie! okay so were put on our dork hat, and each of us decided to wear our eclipse t shirts.

But man oh man I am tired! I didnt get home until 3am and had to be up at 630 to get to work for 740.

I promise to blog more starting next week! I just need to get through this killer week of work and getting over TOM...

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