Friday, March 5, 2010

WHAT will jeniffer do....

So last night as I was at the gym flipping through the channels
on the TV, my mind started wandering.... (what never my mind

If I ever get to my actual weight loss goal what would I do. No
WAIT! If i get to 199lbs what would i do! So there i was
pedaling away as fast as i could, watching tv, and fantasizing
about a skinnier me! I was bike riding in public. I am so exited to get there! I want to be there now....

But I do have a problem! I have a hard time eating all my ww points of food, Eating 30 points should not be a problem. Then I have the extra points for when I walk bear mtn and gain 8 exercise points in one day. My WW leader recommended that I eat 4 of those points on the day i do that walk! Also she said I need to eat it in protein! Well now... sigh.... Shouldn't a fat girl like to eat food.... well i think i am fat because I never eat enough and I eat the wrong stuff!
Any suggestions... I would love to hear them....

I think when I reach 195lbs I am going to have a girls night out to celebrate! Yeah that is exactly what i am going to do!

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