Monday, March 8, 2010

happy monday!

I hope everybody had an most wonderful weekend... first my computer dies, not my blackberry charging part in the phone is bent and wont charge... but no way will i let this drag me down!

So tonight is WI night... Im looking for my average 1lb loss... In feb i lost a whopping 9.8lbs! that never happens to me... typically it's a lb a week.

This week i have stayed on track with my food. Exercise was good this week, gained 20points, I have had better weeks in this department, but im happy with 20. I even used some of the points! Yeah for me! My WW leader should be proud.

So my goals for this week are:

I need to go back to preplanned meals, i havent dont it in the past month, I feel way more in control when I preplanned.

Stick to my budget


Monday : Bear Mtn Walk 7points

Tuesday: bear Mtn Walk 7 points

Wednesday: Bear Mtn Walk 7points

Thursday: Gym 30min bike 2points

Friday: either gym or walk not sure

Sat: Bear Mtn Walk 7points

Sunday: NOTHING!

Phew... that is a lot!!!

That's it for now...

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