Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend update.....

Had a wonderful weekend, on Saturday we went for a hike, my very first hike! it was 7km and had an incline of 240m. I wish we had gotten a picture of the steep incline! It almost killed me! It took us 2 hours to complete, and we had snow, hail, rain, and wind!

After our walk we had a gathering to go to for work, it was so much fun, we had a bonfire and sat around drinking and eating. I think i probably drink 3 times a year...

On Sunday I worked and then went to the movies, I saw Remember Me and Alice in Wonderland. Remember me was amazing! I wasn't expecting the ending at all! Alice was good too, it was exactly what i expected.

On Monday, my flex day from work, I went for another hike! this time it was 10k! It took us 2.5hours, and man oh man it was so muddy! here are a few pictures:

I weighed in on Monday, i was exactly the same! I am pretty excited about that! I did go crazy points wise on Saturday. I actually expected to gain 2 or 3!
How was your week?


  1. I love that graph and the downward trend! Fantastic. Glad you enjoyed your weekend...

  2. Go, you! Congrats on both the hikes and maintaining your weight! :)

  3. Love, Love, Love your blog title. "Suck it up" is my personal motto. Go for it girl!!!