Tuesday, January 19, 2010

help me please....question

how many activity points is the max that you can get in a day with weight watchers and do i need to eat them... or is there a min i should eat...


  1. There is no maximum points that you can earn. It is suggested that you should work your way up to earning 28 per week, but that is not a maximum. Just a suggestion.

    Some leaders recommend eating no more than 4 of your Activity Points a day. Some say if you're hungry, eat them. I think it differs from person to person. Sometimes I eat all of mine, sometimes I don't. I've earned as little as 0 and as many as over 50 (while training for my half-marathon). Just don't overdo it... and try not to do anything to lose the weight that you aren't willing to do to maintain the weight loss.

  2. awesome! Thank you for your response! this is exactly what i was looking for!