Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy hump day...

so last nigth i went to the gym for the second time! I went to the gym at 530am for 45mins and then i went to aqua fit for 50 mins at 6pm. man was i wired after that! but then i was super tired this morning. SOooooooooooooooooo i didnt go to the gym this morning... BUT i will do 30 mins on my ea active more.

So aqua fit was extremely boring last night... the instructor made us more or less run/jog in the same spot for 40 mins then did some weights. i left feeling very disappointed :( To make it even worse for the first time ever when i got the to pool i was comparing myself to the other women in the pool, i felt so fat and ugly next to them... hmmm ( must remember positive thinking)

Once aqua fit was done i had a huge craving for ice cream, so i stopped at the grocery store on my way home, i picked up nestle sugar free rolo and a vanilla with strawberry frozen yogurt. only 2 points for 1/2 a cup or the role and 3 for the frozen yogurt. i also picked up some roasted pumpkin seeds.

When i got home i wasn't very hungry for dinner so i just made a plat of sweet potato fries and a glass of skim milk with a little bit of choc syrup. I was so full that i didn't even have any of the ice cream :( (probably for the best lol)

So tonight's plans: i am going to try and make another new recipe! English Muffin Bread. watch the canucks hockey game, 30 min work out and get ready for tomorrow. I think I will also try on the black and white dress and see if there is any difference between the last time i took at pic.... have a great day!

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