Friday, November 13, 2009

My weight watchers bathroom scale!

so here is the ever popular blog post about the bathroom scale! I have come to hate the my expensive weight watchers bathroom scale.... BUT not for the reasons that you are all thinking!

I do not hate it because of what i actually weigh! hey its slowly coming down that is a positive. I hate it for 2 reasons that are linked together.

1st hate: Every time i step on the scale it says something completely different. I stood on it 5 times this morning, (not my regular wi day) and got 5 different readings! 258 (huh?), 241 (oh please oh please), 255 ( yuck!), 248.8 (probably right), 250.2(eeek... could be right im just finishing up tom!)

2nd hate: They are linked, due to these stupid readings i am always wanting to know what the scale says! so on some days i can weigh myself 8 or 9 times, just to see what it says!

HOW FREAKING FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have changed the batteries and shook it like an etch a sketch and still 5 different readings. I have read many blogs, that people say they take an average... wtf! that is crazy... at least on my scale.

So i have a wii fit, and i use that as a scale, but it never goes down! It has said i am the same weight forever, while all my clothes are too big. You would think if the crazy scale above goes down then the wii fit scale would go down! BUT it doesn't...

So tonight i dont work at the clothing store, so i am going to London Drugs and i am stepping on every scale there. multiple times. I may not buy the lowest number... but maybe the closed to the wii fit? oh so confusing i dont know.....

What are your thoughts on the bathroom scale...

Food Journal

Well bad start to breakfast... I have a hard time eating breakfast if i am not hungry in the least... doesn't make sense to me... but i understand it kicks off the day....

apple sauce 1 cup 1p
latte 3p

frozen dinner mac n cheese 4 p

crackers 2p

Pork chops 8p?? I'll weigh them when i get home
cabbage 0
butter 1p
yam roasted


Everyday Goals
1)Drink 8 glasses of water a day
2) No fast food -Yes
3) Excercise
4) Journal Everything -yes
5) Weigh and Measure all food-yes