Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy Wednesday

Happy Hump day!

Well i had today off from my full time job, but i did work at my part time job(the plus sized clothing store)

So this morning i got up and went to the pool to go check out aqua fit, i have decided that YES i can do aqua fit! Next up is figuring out where to do it with my crazy schedule.

I did workout today for 30 mins, with ea active. I changed the resistance bands along time ago, so i figure i am burning a lot more calories then what it says.

i played a little with my camera.... lol

how did everybody elses day go today?

Food Today

brown rice 4
choc 3
toppings 5
toppings 7
brown rice 6
Total: 25
Exc: 30 mins
Activity Points Earned: 3

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