Saturday, November 14, 2009

follow up .... bathroom scale

so last night after work, i went grocery shopping, caught up with y best friend. We went out for dinner, which was not on my plan, we went for sushi. I haven't had sushi forever, it is one of my fave foods! So i had shrimp sunomono salad, a spicy scallop roll, 4 pieces of tempura, and 4 pieces of a canucks roll, oh and 2 pieces of salmon nigiri.... hmmm i might think i cut it close yesterday. but its not often, so that is all a part of life...

Once we had dinner we went out to the mall. I don't think i have been to the mall since last Christmas... we got a Starbucks, and wandered. I bought y grandma's Christmas present. We pick a name out of a hat and then that is who we buy for. The limit is 75 dollars. I may have went over that... lol its my grandma.... im allowed to go over. Here is picture of what i bought here. I love the black diamonds...

Once we finished walking the mall, we went grocery shopping... I FORGOT TO SCALE SHOP!!! how could i forget such an important thing with wi day tomorrow!

So this morning, i got up and headed to London drugs. They must have had 10-12 different scales. so one by one i took them out of there boxes and stepped on them. Not only did i step on them once, but 7 times each! lol i looked like a dork... people were looking at me like i was completely nutz! a few ladies walked past me a few times, i think just to see what the scale said! not i dont shout it out all of the time, along with.... I lost 40lbs and still loosing! The lowest scale said 239 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh how i wish!!!!! the highest scale said 265 wtf are you crazy!!!!

So i finally decided on a scale, only took 40mins, and its pink!!! my fave colour! I couldn't weight to get it home and do my official weigh in!

Its a health o meter. I kept the receipt, i will bring it back if it doesn't work out. and the best part is it was on sale! normally 59.99 i got it for 19.99!!!

So once i got home, i weighed myself on my old ww scale, the average was 249, then weighed myself on the wii fit 246lb, and on the new scale 244.6. So officially on the wii fit side i am down 1.5lbs. So good news down this week!!!!

another long post... so sorry....

does anybody else out there have any scale horror stories....

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