Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 weeks in a row! let's make it 3!

Transforming my habits! That is what I have been doing these past two weeks.  I am very excited to be down 7.4lbs in the past two weeks.  This new weight puts me at my lost weight that I can remember since University.  I have been focusing on what I have been putting into my mouth.  I am focusing on lots of fruit and veggies and less fried foods.  I am back on track with my water drinking. If I do eat any salty food, I drink a LOT of water after... i even lost this last 3.2 while on TOM. 

Part of my new success is that I have decided to not work my second jobs on Monday nights.  This way I can actually have some down time.  I have just been too exhausted...

Short term goals: get to 199.9 before October 8th (my 36th birthday)
Midterm Goal: Loose 25lbs by January 1st 178.4
Long Term Goal: 50 lbs gone by March 8th 153.4

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