Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well hello June.... Where are you SUNSHINE!

Over here on the west coast, (Victoria BC) we are still waiting for the Sunny weather to appear... We will get one nice day and 8 rainy days... sigh....

Well I have had a good start to June.  First weigh in this month and i am down 3.3lbs.  To be honest I could had done better, had a cupcake and a few naughty foods this week.  BUT did I ever exercise this week!

Tuesday: Kickboxing 45 Mins
Wednesday: Jog 30 mins
Thursday: kickboxing 45 mins, fitness kickboxing 45mins
Friday: rest day
Saturday: jogging 30 mins
Sunday: 2 hikes! yes I just said Two hikes on my list!
Monday: Walked Bear MTN

Elevation change 147m
Rugged trail system

 Lone Tree Hill
Trail Rating: Moderate to Challenging 
Elevation change 364 m
1.5 km one direction

 So this week I am going to log everything and weigh everything.  I went from 31 points per day down to 30.  So lets see how this goes!

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