Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 months Later....

So my average weight loss is 1lb per week... I lost 1.5lbs this week... I am so close to my 10% goal. about 2lbs away. 

This week past week I focused on logging all the food that I had eaten and how much water I drank.  A plus for me I went down a food point. I am now down to 31 points.

I would really like to loose more than 1lb a week, even though I know that it is the healthy way. But man oh man, a 2lb or 3lb loss a couple weeks in a row would be nice...

I bought weight watcher snacks this week.   I am not big into eating processed foods, but lately I keep buying 6 point bags of chips, so I am better off eating 2 and 3 point snacks.

I have been considering drop my daily points down 2 points... what are every bodies thoughts? Is this working for anybody? Has anybody done this?

This weeks Plan:

1) Journal
2) 4 kickboxing classes
3) Walk on Sunday
4) prepare meals for next two work weeks where i work nights
5) grocery shop


  1. I don't do WW so can't help with the points. But slow and steady is the best way to lose weight! :-) You are doing GREAT!

  2. I am looking at my 10% goal too! It is a great milestone! Way to be sooo close!