Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1st Day of PointsPlus

Dear PointsPlus,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I have completed the first day.  I just might be in love with you! I had a really busy day yesterday, I got my hair done and it took 3.5 hours... sigh... it felt like forever!  By the time i was done i was starving and heading over to a friends house to watch Vampire Diaries... So I stopped at McDonald's.  (slap my hand... I know, how bad is that.) So i got a grilled chicken Cesar, then i went bad and got a plain hamburger and a small fries.  (note to self never let yourself get that hungry again!)  When I got to my friends I journal all the food. 

So today at work I thought i better figure out how many of my extra points I had used,  shockingly, I didn't!

Here was yesterdays food:
begal thin 3
ww cream cheese .5
skinny vanilla latte 3
ww pita 3
mac n cheese 6
huge banana 0
choc pudding 2
orange 0
fries 6
salad 8
burger 4

Grand Total 35.5 used  and i get 37 points in a day!

So here is to day two!


Princess Jeniffer!

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