Thursday, May 20, 2010


So here are how things went yesterday! OMG! shoot me!

So far eating hasn't been the greatest this week... and for some reason I also say no worries I know its because im getting my TOM... really is that a good excuse. i didnt even exercise Monday or Tuesday!

So i got up n Wednesday with a kick but attitude! hell yeah im going to conquer the day!!! So I made some lunch and dinner since i was working both jobs. left for work and got stuck in traffic so i was 15 mins late...

Every morning at work i write in my food journal everything that I will be eating... so here it is
breakfast pita 3ww

cheese 1

skinny (homemade) cinnamon Dulce latte 3
crackers 2

salad 3

strawberries 1

apple 2

spaghetti 12

*Side note on the spaghetti I think i way over calced these points! I put harvest select noodles 5, health choice sauce 2, meat 4, cheese 2. WELL there was very little meat, and like no sauce, who knows it there was even a cup of noodles.

Total points 27

I have 29 point to eat so this leaves a little room...

half way through the day I get a sore throat, sigh... still not going to this get me down!

I eat the noodles for lunch, leaving the salad for dinner.

After the first job I drive out to the second job. Well a new ice cream shop opened up a few doors down called the marble slab creamery... (there is one by my house too) and everybody is talking about ice cream.. now im craving it... we all go over... It took me ten minutes of in my head fighting with myself... but I did the right thing and got the low fat yogurt... and it was tasty and helped my throat!!!

Back to work we go... boring night...

I didnt eat my salad cause i wasn't hungry in the least. After work I went to the gym for 45 mins and then head home. Well now im starving!

So i take out the baked spaghetti and started to cut off a small piece. As I am cutting it my right hand slips and stabs the middle finger of my left hand, i feel it go all the way to the done...(and no crying) sigh...

so I grab a paper towel and and squeezed the blood out so that if there was spaghetti in the cut it would come out.

I was still hungry so I turned around and put the dish in the microwave. Once i did that i instantly thought i was going to throw up... and then i got all sweaty and then i got dizzy. All I could think about was passing out in my tiny kitchen and hitting my head. So I made my way to the couch sat down and fainted! First time ever for me!

I woke up around 3 am shaking cold... thinking man oh man I need a blanket and then rolled over and went to sleep. I work up at 720am and I need to be at work at 740am. I was only a few mins late!

So I was walked to first aid(i work at British Columbia Ambulance) by my nice manager after i tell her the story, the first aid person squeezes the cut open to put salt water and saline into the cut... I wanted to scream and cry now... and then she says yeah it is swollen... no shit Sherlock... i stabbed myself to the done with a paring knife! she put a band aid on the finger and she told me to keep an "eye" on it.

Sigh... So so far today my finger hurts like a biatch! and my head is fuzzy! Im having spaghetti for lunch (lol) and my salad for dinner!


  1. Ya, that would hurt. You're having the bloody spaghetti for lunch? lol

  2. I love cinnamon dulce lattes. I am going to re-commit to losing weight again. I have gained 21 pounds since January NOT GOOD! At this rate I will be close to 300 by the end of the year! :(
    So, no more VENTI Cinnamon Dulce WHITE MOCHA lattes from Starbucks anymore (that's what I had today). Almost all my calories were sipped on before LUNCH! I am going to do as you do (write on my blog daily).