Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning Everyone!

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Hump day....Thanks to my flex day at BCAS today is my Monday... Gotta love the short 3 day week. I weighed in on Monday and I am down 2.2lbs bringing me down to 237.8.
TOM is just about gone too! I think it is the final days. Danielle and I went for a hike on Sunday. The first half was easy too easy... but my oh my the second half was brutal! it was all steep up hill and semi rock climbing!

I got great news this week! I am headed to Kelowna to go see my best friend! I haven't seen him in over a year! I use to live in Kelowna, its a beautiful place to visit, but not somewhere that I would want to live again!

I worked all weekend at Addition Elle, (my second job)... which might I add is the hardest place to work if you dont want to spend any money!

I am going to make an honest attempt to blog everyday the rest of this week!
Danielle and I went to Telus Tuesday last night and saw Letters to Juliette. I love romance movies, they are my favorite... but for some reason this one was just okay for me. The main guy was super sarcastic and cynical(lol just like me). I would definitely say it was cute.

How was everybody else weekend?

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  1. Congrats on the loss!!!
    My weekend was spent working but I have tonight and tomorrow night off and plan on spending some serious time on my recumbent bike. I set a goal of doing a 20 mile "ride" on it at some point this week so it'll have to be either tonight or tomorrow! EEP!!!