Saturday, January 16, 2010

wi day...UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the comment kaitlin.... i hate to admit that i had a typo, and not for the good.., lol the scale says 244.2 Defiantly only 1.2lb lost... BUT i stepped on the scale before leaving the house and it was down to 244.0!!!!!! but i am not going to count it... i will go with the original weigh in. I am hoping that next week i can say i had a 3lb lost... lol!

245.4-242.2 = 1.2lbs lost! yeah im happy with that! I typically weigh in at noon so im two hours early. so i wonder if i waited if another .2lbs would come off.. lol...

i am going to step up my exercise... well at least that i my goal for the week.

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  1. Are you sure your math is right? I just did the equation, and it says you lost 3.2, not 1.2. Either way though, awesome weigh in!!! =)