Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning...and happy Wednesday!

Yesturday was a crazy day! I have never been so hungry in my life and it wasnt just cravings. My tummy was rumbling so loud that people at work tod lme to just eat! lol

last night i went to the movies and saw daybreakers, i rather enjoyed it....other then the fact that the main characters name in the movie is Edward.... ummm come on think of some other name! there are 1000000's of names! As you have read before I love movie theatre popcorn, on Tuesday's here in Victoria at the famous players, its called Telus Tuesday's where it is a Med popcorn, med pop and movie ticket for just over 10bucks. I know how bad movie popcorn is, BUT i will not give it up. I have never eaten over half a bag before. I was starving when i got to the theatre... (like the rest of the day) so i ordered a reg fries from new york fries... (i never eat deep fried food anymore) well the previews start, i eat my super hot fries, and i am totally full!!!! WTF! what about my popcorn! so half way through the movie i take about a cup or two and i am done! what a waste of good popcorn... lol im not really upset... its all good.... just funny to me... that it took the really bad for me new york fries to fill me up!

I went to the gym this morning 30 mins on the bike and 15 mins circuit training. Came home and made breakie and got ready for work. I work both jobs today 740-4 and then 5-930 it may be a long night!

Thanks for the comments that past few posts.... if i the most unmorning person in the world can get up and go to the gym then I believe that all of you can too!

Have a happy and wonderful day!

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