Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE SECRETS TO WEIGHTLOSS....(did i get your attention)

Set realistic goals.

Setting unachievable, unrealistic goals is far more harmful than helpful. Not only will you suffer trying to meet them, the backlash you'll feel when you don't meet them leave you down in the dumps, and perhaps so down-trodden that you may not even want to try anymore. Don't let that happen! Be realistic and treat yourself gently. The pounds didn't appear like magic, so don't expect them to go away virtually overnight just because you want them to so very badly. (Found this on about.com)

Well did that get your attention...wouldn’t we all like to lose more weight... well the first step is not just exercise, not what we eat but setting realistic goals and positive thinking! So from this point on it is all positive thinking! If I start down the negative thought trail I will think of something positive to counter act the negative. No more getting up in the morning and NOT looking in the mirror... (This will be a hard one), no more getting up in the morning and stating “god I feel fat today!” I know I know this is much easier to write about then it is to actually do it.... I can guarantee I will fall off the ledge a time or two, but I also know I will pick myself back up and get back on the ledge of positive thinking.

I bet everybody out there has created weight loss or health goals for themselves. I also bet when you first started creating these goals they were hard to attain... I have been there done that hence yo-yo dieting... once I set a goal to lose 20lbs in a month! WTF! Not healthy at all... Now that I am older and wiser, I want to lose weight in a safe healthy way that will stay off. I now know my body better and I realize that I lose slowly. I am happy with my 1lb loss each week... I am not in a huge rush, I didn’t gain it all in a week or a month or even a year! This leads me up to creating realistic goals. Realistic goals are amazing, it doesn’t matter how small the goal is, if you reach that goal, you always feel good about yourself!

The Simple rules that I follow when I am setting goals:

Always write them down. This always makes them feel so much more important, like you are making an agreement with yourself.

Realistic Goals. Don’t set unachievable, unrealistic goals. Not only will this hurt your weight loss, it is detrimental to you your self esteem. It is totally discouraging and once you are discouraged, it is hard not to allow the downward spiral.

Positive. Write your goals in a positive language! Why would you even think about negative! Why start out with an uphill battle! Start at the top of the hill... Examples: I WILL exercise 3 times this week. I will eat non fat yogurt instead of a chocolate bar.

Precise. You have an easier way out of attaining your goals when you are not precise. I am the worst on this one. I always say I am going to exercise 5 times a week... but alas... 4th time comes and I don’t have any days left in the week for the 5th. (sigh) Every Saturday I create my meal plan for the week, on my meal plans I state which days I am going to work out on.

Rewarding. Recognize each small victory. They are your building blocks for long-term success.

Planned. How are you ever going to reach your goals if you don’t plan on how to get there! Planning your goals is pretty easy! Losing weight –plans your weekly food, and exercise schedule. You want to exercise more plan it!

Performance based. Majority of goals should be measurable. If they aren’t how would you know when you have reached them, so that you can do your victory dance!

Short Term Goals. Reach for milestones. All together they will get you to your overall long term goal.

Long Term Goal. Create your long term goal and then use your short term goals to work towards meeting it.

So if anybody is reading this, what do you do? How do you set your goals....?

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