Wednesday, December 16, 2009

guilty as charged!

Hope everyone is having a happy week! or at least a good week....

So here it is confession time... I GIVE UP!!! the next few weeks are sooooooooooooo busy, I have two jobs, on that is m-f 740-4 and the retail that i work random days. As we all know during the holiday season retail is crazy! Due to this lovely crazy holiday season, i just dont have time to work out!

So here is my plan until Tuesday December 29th.

16 work 740-4 work 530-930 not working out...

17 work 740-4 work 530-930 not working out...

18 work 740-4 friday i go out for dinner with friends

19 work 530-930 - PJ DAY AT WORK... bought new pj's and slippers for this one! Work out in the am - aquafit

20 work 10-6

21 flex day (yeah) work 530-930 Work out in the am - aquafit

22 work 740-4 telus tuesday movie

23 work 740-4 work 530-930

24 travel home on the 7am ferry ....

25 off

26 off

27 off

28 off

29 work 740-4 Work out in the am - aquafit

I promise to eat well, and stay on my points target. I am not big into holiday treats and baking so it makes it really easy for me.

Sigh... its a plan and i am going to stick to it!

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  1. Eating well & staying within your points is still a very big positive!!

    Hope work isn't too bad!