Monday, November 23, 2009

happy happy joy joy... its monday!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Happy monday....

so i have gone to aqua fit 4 times now! I truely love it... my wi day is on saturday... i am down 1.8lbs bringing me down to 242.8. I am super stoked by that... i never thought i would ever see the 230's and its on my door step. Hopefully i'll get there in two weeks...

So as i was wi on saturday i was thinking about rituals. I am sure that everybody has there own rituals... does it really matter if we step on at 9am and not at 10am? or that i wear my bra instead of nothing at all.

What are you rituals? do you think you can break your ritauls... im not too sure that i can break my rituals... so here it is my wi rituals.
1) no eating at all until wi
2) no drinking at all until wi
3) no shower at all until wi
4) naked

After wi I always eat the food that i have been craving all week... this week i ate an aero choc bar.

Just want to thank everybody for the awsemone comments... keep them comming...


  1. Good job! You'll be in the 230's in no time :)I love that you have all of your rewards for your amount of weight lost on your blog. That is so awesome!!

  2. Nice loss! Your weigh in rituals look a lot like mine. TMI here...I also go to the bathroom first. I also have to step off and on the scale a number of times to see if it's going to give me a different number because my scale is retarded and does mean things to me. On Sunday when I weighed in, it flashed a solid 2 lb loss, then it added 1.4 lbs back to it, then it decided to knock .8 back off for the 3rd and final reading. See, it's just mean.

  3. Thanks Salina! I had a weight watcher scale like that! I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago... and i love it! its is the same all 4 times that i stepped on it and it was on sale and only costs me 19.99.....