Tuesday, November 24, 2009

101 Reasons You’re Happy Just as You Are list

As everybody knows I love reading other peoples blogs! I came across a really great idea on Losing Half, Gaining More. I am going to create a 101 Reasons You’re Happy Just as You Are list. I double dare everybody who reads my blog to create their own!

1 I love my blue eyes
2 I love my breasts
3 I love my ass
4 I have a wonderful loving attitude
5 I love that I cannot hold a grudge
6 I love going on cruises
7 I love my family
8 I love hanging out with my family
9 I love my friends
10 I love aqua fit
11 I love dogs
12 I love Christmas

I will continue my list here....keep checking back...


  1. LOVE THIS IDEA! I'm working on mine right freakin' now! I already have 30 things on my list. :)

  2. I had commented on Lillian's blog that I needed to take her challenge, but I haven't started yet. *hangs head in shame* With this second reminder, I'm gonna get on it tonight, PROMISE! (If I promise someone something, I'm far more likely to do it, so you're my person! lol)

  3. wow! u are super fast... lol now i need to catch up!

  4. i may have used some of yours.... lol