Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Check In and Recap

Hello World,

I seem to be on the path to getting back on track.  I was down 3.6lbs this week.  I have almost lost all of the weight i gained while babysitting at my parents house.

I'm super excited, I have taken a new part time job with Marks as a team lead! I truly did not enjoy Reitmans at all.  I start on Wednesday. STOKED! Best part is I am gauranted 15 hours a week up to 30! So much better then the 4 hours I was getting at Reitmans.

Exercise this week was okay, did my kickboxing class on Tuesday, than again on Saturday. Went for a walk on Sunday and Monday. 

Now that I am working more hours again, I am going to have to start scheduling everything again.  Food for all day, including dinners, and exercise.  It feels like forever since I have done this. 

What I would like to accomplish this week:

  1. 4 classes of Kickboxing
  2. Making a new money budget
  3. prepping each days meal the day before
  4. try a new recipe
  5. Perfect a white cupcake recipe.... Anybody know any good ones?

1 comment:

  1. Way to get right back to it! Keep making healthy choices.