Tuesday, December 13, 2011

two posts for the price of one!

It is crazy in life, how many ups and downs we go through.  I apologize for not keeping everybody posted since my last post.  The situation I went though in August came back with a vengeance.  

So in that post I missed doing, I did gain, 1.6lbs.  When the weight watchers lady told me the weigh in, she asked me if I was okay, as if I was going to cry and have a moment... I smiled at her and told her “that’s life, you cant always loose”.  She smiled and let me know that was the most positive words of wisdom she had heard all night.   

Funny side note about this night: I weigh in on Tuesday Nights.  The weigh in is at 5pm, meeting is at 530pm, and I also have Muay Thai Kickboxing at 7:30pm.  I work until 4pm.  Well at every wi/meeting I go to Starbucks and get a coffee and a loaf.  Most nights the other members just give me odd looks.  But this night somebody actually asked me about the Starbucks.  The member asked “most of notice that you always have a coffee and cake at the meeting.  We were just wondering why, and if you should be eating the cake?”  I just smiled, and said, well I don’t eat a lot of food on Tuesday before wi, and then I gain 12-15 exercise points at 730, so I need to eat something before class, and dinner is too heavy.”  The member actually smiled and said “well now that makes so much sense.”

So let’s fast forward to this week.  Now that it is Christmas time, the store that I work part time is now open Holiday Hours.  Guess what, yep you guessed it, I am working 530-930 today.  So I weighed in on Monday instead.  I am happy to announce that lost 4.6lbs this week. 
I got another 5lb star and I got my 5% star!

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