Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jeniffer 2.0

Hello World!!!

Well I have probably had the worst month of my life this past August. I will not get into a lot of detail about it, but lets say 5 days after I asked my bf to move out he allegedly killed his best friend in my condo. (because he has to go to court, but we all know he did it) (enough said, not saying anymore) What I will say is OMG I am finally getting back to normal. I have had to deal with the clean up, the detectives, the shock, the WTF, his family, my family, oh and loss wages, and much, much more. BUT it gets better I got evicted from my condo because the people that own the condo think it was my fault that I allowed it to happen! WTF!!! First off I would NEVER have any part with any of that! I was at work!!!!!!!! And he was supposed to have been moving out!!!! So during this past month, I haven’t eaten, and when I did I over did it. I will step on the scale tomorrow and see where I am starting off my new journey!

I have officially moved into a new place, I am all settled in and starting the formation of Jeniffer 2.0.

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