Wednesday, September 14, 2011


July 22, 2011 I'm the chick on the Right

So my kickboxing instructor last night worked us HARD!  I am so lazy before the class that I never want to go, but once I am there I love it!  At the end of the class during our cool down stretching he gave us a pep talk about goals.  And how goals should never be created or made at the end of the year or in January.  And his reasoning hot home! He was so right!  He said "if you decide you can eat what you want and drink what you want for all of December, and decided January 1st to go cold turkey and stop and start to eat healthy, you will never accomplish it.  Then he asked us, have you ever done it? Do you know anybody that has ever done it."  Well no I have never done it, nor do I know anybody that has ever done it.

Short Term
  1. Loose 1lb a month
  2. By February be able to double dip.  (definition:  Be able to buy clothes under more than one banner, and changing my discount card to a smaller sized clothing store)
  3. Start Saving $250+ dollars a month
  4. Eat Healthy
  5. Walk Min 3 times a week
  6. Re-Evaluate in February
Last bu not least the walk I am doing tonight.  I have a friend that is nervous to walk, but want to exercise.  So I am going to start walking the big hill where we live with her in increments.  So here is the first step:

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