Thursday, June 2, 2011

The new Plan...

Okay things need to change.  I need to get serious.  Not give up... even when they are hard!   I think part of the problem is that i am bored with what I have been doing.  So I think it is time to change it up just a little bit.  I will still follow WW but I am going to tweak it a little.
Right now i get 37 Points.  I'm not to sure about the points Plus program, ever since I started it, my weight has been yo-yoing.  I’m going to give it a try one more time.  If I don’t see an improvement in 1 month, then I will switch back to the Points Plus Plan.

I am going to start out with a new blog look.  A fresh simple look that screams JENIFFER!!!!!! 

So the plan:
I am going to do a food journal every day.
I am going to eliminate potatoes from my diet.  The only time I will eat them is if I am at someone else place for dinner, or if it is in the food I purchase pre-made, like soup.
I am going to limit myself to 1 cup of brown rice per week, max.
I am going to eat a salad a day. (I'm actually starting to enjoy them)
I am going to eat 5 servings of Fruit and Veggies
I am eliminating junk food/fast food
I am going to exercise 5 times a week. Even if that means going for a walk on my lunch break.
Once all of my frozen dinners are done, I am going to cook all my meals and not buy any pre-packaged frozen dinners.
Drink at least 64oz of water.
Start Date: Monday June 6, 2011.
WI Days will be Monday Mornings

What do you think? Any other ideas on what I should do?

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  1. No more ideas, but man that's an impressive list!

    Good luck!