Thursday, March 24, 2011

Personal Commitment Statement

Personal Commitment Statement

Any successful weight-loss program requires you to be fully committed to changing your lifestyle. By formally agreeing to this contract, you confirm your commitment to your goals, which is essential for achieving success.

I, Jeniffer A, am ready to take control of my life and my health by starting a realistic weight-loss program. I realize that I get frustrated easily with diets and weight-loss programs, and that I let this frustration defeat my efforts. I also realize that there are serious health risks that are associated with being overweight. I’m fully willing to change my lifestyle so that I can improve my health and well-being. I am fully committed to my success and will no longer make excuses

Diet Plan:
I am going to follow weight watchers.  I am going to journal all food that i eat.
I am going to make a weekly food plan.

Activity Plan:
I am going to go to the gym
I am going to join Zumba

Weight loss goal:

In the end I want to be 120lbs, which means 130lbs lost.  I will achieve this by doing small goals.

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