Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cravings and protein

So i know that everybody in this work has some type of food craving... am I really odd when i say mine is protein?  If my bf and I are sitting on the couch watching TV and he says " man i am craving popcorn" my first initial thought is hm-mm i could eat a pork chop.  ODD!!!! how weird is it that my diet killing cravings is protein.  Not so much fish... but pork chops, beef, and chicken!  I never buy nuts because i will just eat them all. Does anybody else out there have any weird cravings?

My BF is going away for work for 2 weeks... I have decided this is the perfect time to start a few different tasks that I have wanted to do for a while.
1) get on an exercises routine
2) i am going to buy the storage containers that go under the bed, and clean out all the winter clothes from my closet
3) I'm going to box up all of the extra dishes and try and sell the three cabinets giving my brother more room in his room.
Cross your fingers i can get these all done!

Breakfast: 5
coffee 1
chips 5

Lunch: 2
edamame 2

rib eye steak 8
Brussel Sprouts 0
butter 4
potatoes 5

salad dressing 2
Total Points: 26
Exercise: 0

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I'm following from Scale Junkie's Healthy You check-in. Good luck with your list of things to do. It sounds like a lot of spring cleaning. Good luck!