Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have decided i have a slight issue. I love to buy groceries! My two freezers are full, my pantry is full, and my fridge is full. I don't think this is normal. Soooooooooooooo what is my plan you ask! i am going to go cold turkey and not buy anymore groceries... other then milk, fruit and veggies. To do this what I am going to do is take $10 in cash to the grocery store and that is all I have to spend. Cross your fingers that this will work!

AND guess what I have planed for tonight! I am going to clean each cupboard in my kitchen, and i am going to throw away everything that is icky! or that will never be used.
usually I weigh in on Monday but i just didn't have time! So Tuesday I went for a hike instead of weighing in. So today I am going to weigh in. I know that I haven't lost anything this past week, I did work out but I didn't make the best health choices :( So i will count my blessing that I stay on par or a little less.

I have been procrastinating on creating my May goals... I am a bad bad girl...

So here they are:

Weight loss
1lb a week

Workout Goals
Bear Mtn Walk 3x a week Gym @ least 2 times a week

Food Goals
Eat all of my points
Create my weekly meal plan

Financial Goals
Stick to my budget of just $10 grocery shopping.

I am going to try and take more photos from all of the amazing places that Danielle and I hike.

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  1. Don't throw it away- donate it to a food pantry near you!!! :)

    We did this, and it was sad to see how much $$ was wasted on things that weren't so good for my and my family to consume. BUt it was also quite eye opening!