Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday......

So i have had a wonderful week, remember last week when i said i had gained weight over the holidays, well i had weighed in at 151.4 and on Saturday my wi day i was down to 245.4, an amazing 6lbs down. I am going to go with some of it was water weight... but im still freaking excited... not to much further to get back where i ended 2009.

So i went to the gym again at 530am this morning. I am thinking that I am going to try this for 3 weeks and see how i feel... since i heard that doing something for a constant rate for 3 weeks creates a habit or a routine.... well you see what i am getting at.

I have started logging my food at www.fatsecret.com i am liking it so far.... im not too sure about the exercise dairy portion... but ill keep it up.

so last week i watched drop dead diva... sigh... when i first started watching the show i was disgusted.... then i was intrigued... then they do something like squirt cheese in her mouth, and i am disgusted again... by the end of the show i was like, ohhh i wonder what is going to happen next.... so tomorrow i will pvr it and then give it another try. did anybody else out there watch it? what did you think....

One of my goals for this year is to make at least one new recipe every week. i have started creating my menus for next week when i stumbled across this recipe. So this is going to be my recipe for next week.

Does anybody out there have any other amazing recipes??? let me know i am so interested!!!


  1. I'm impressed by going to the gym that early. I just can't exercise that early!

  2. Feel free to check out my blog...I post inexpensive and easy recipes on "Recession Cuisine Tuesday".
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  3. Congrats on both the loss AND going to the gym that early - you're a better woman than I! ;)