Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling Sorry for myself....hmmmmmmmmmm

Okay it happens... sometimes... life just gets you down... or you get yourself down, it happens. So as we all know self pity or feeling sorry for oneself are truly about lack of self esteem and a general lack of enthusiasm with a little depression thrown in. hmmm ouch yeah that probably sums it up for me… Soooooooooooooooo I have decided to start another chapter in my life, and figure out how to overcome this…. (Thank goodness I don’t have chronic issues with self loathing and self pity) Oh and FYI I'm tired of others around telling me that this is all caused because of weight issues…. Well duh… that is where my problems stem from, but I know for a fact that the skinny girl down the street also has bouts.

So here is the plan:

* Awareness – Know when I am feeling this way, and figuring out why. Blog about it, get it off my chest.

* Focus on the Positive – My New Mantra: “I am Grateful Today Because….”

*Compliment Myself- if I don’t lose weight during a week of truly trying hard, compliment myself by blogging all the non scale victories of the week

Okay I’m done.... Thank you for all your comments... I’m all good now. I did join ww on Monday with my friend Lisa. We went to the 7pm weigh in... umm ouch... there scale had me at 249.6... i figure its a few pounds different then mine, and part of myself loathing binge on Saturday and Sunday.... I have had a wonderful week, im working like crazy....

Monday: Wi day 249.6
Worked BCAS 740-4, WI at 7

Worked BCAS 740-4, Addition Elle 430-10, we rearranged the whole store, it was hard work and i was sweating! Im going to consider this a work out in my weekly plan
Exercise Points: 4

Worked BCAS 740-4, Addition Elle 530-930
Worked out at the gym for 30 mins, went for a 25 min walk
Points: 30
Exercise Points:4

Worked BCAS 740-4, Addition Elle 530-930
Worked out at 530am and at 930pm at the gym. Its my new plan, to see how many days i can work out after working at Addition Elle
Points: 30
Exercise Points:4

Worked BCAS 740-4, Addition Elle 530-930

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  1. Oh, those bouts are awful. I'm sorry you were in a bad place. :(

    Your plan for handling future bouts sounds great to me! I would caution, though, that you try not to focus *too* much on the why (or, at the very least, be prepared for the days where there doesn't seem to BE a why) - I struggle with this all the time. If I can explain why I'm upset, it's not as big of a deal; however, I can't seem to cut myself any slack for the days that are just crappy and don't have a logical explanation: I end up beating myself up further for having "no GOOD reason." It can be a vicious cycle, so just be watchful and try to be kind to yourself if you encounter an inexplicable bout. *hugs*